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About Eurocoton

EUROCOTON-European Federation of Cotton and Allied Textiles Industries is the voice of the European textile manufacturing industry of cotton and man-made staple fibres, starting from the cotton ginning, over the manufacturing of yarns and fabrics of cotton and man-made staples fibres. These yarns and fabrics are mostly used in the garment industry, for home textiles or for technical applications.

Based in Brussels, EUROCOTON urges for a favourable business climate for its sector and is in particular active on trade topics where it advocates free but ‘fair’ trade. The association provides information to its members, which are national federations as well as individual companies from different EU-member states, and promotes their views towards the European institutions. EUROCOTON is a full member of Euratex, the umbrella organisation of the European textile and apparel industry.

The association was created in 1958 and is a de facto association under Belgian law. The president of EUROCOTON is currently Mr Jean-François Gribomont, CEO of the Belgian textile company Utexbel NV, a fully vertically integrated textile group from fibre to finished fabric. Ms Elizabeth De Wandeler is taking care of the day-to-day management of the organisation.


Agrupación Española de Desmotadores de Algodón (A.E.D.A.)


Bremen Cotton Exchange

The Bremen Cotton Exchange was founded in 1872 to strengthen the interests of the cotton trade and processing in Germany. We are an international arbitration body and are therefore committed to neutrality. Our members come from all parts of the textile supply chain.


Fédération Française des Industries Lainière et Cotonnière (FFILC)

FFILC is the French federation of wool and cotton industries. It represents and defends the interests of the wool and cotton industry based in France towards the French authorities as well as the relevant European and international organisations.


Fedustria is the Belgian federation of the textile, woodworking and furniture industries. The textile industry in Belgium, which consists of approximately 540 companies and some 17,300 employees, realised in 2023 a turnover of about 5.1 billion euros.


Gdynia Cotton Association

The Gdynia Cotton Association (est.1935) – Polish arbitration and professional organisation of the textile sector – promotes and supports the cotton and other natural fibres industries.


Hellenic Cotton Association of Ginners and Exporters (HCA)

Hellenic Cotton Association of Ginners and Exporters (HCA) was founded in 1975 and is a non-profit organization based in Thessaloniki (Greece). Its members are engaged in the ginning, export and marketing of cotton.



HOL-tex GmbH is a German textile finishing company with the main competence of printing, coating and finishing technical textiles.


Industrieverband Veredlung – Garne – Gewebe – Technische Textilien e.v. (IVGT)

IVGT is the German branch textile organisation representing the spinning, weaving including narrow band weaving and braiding, finishing and technical textiles industry. The association represents a branch turnover of approximately 7 billion EUR.


Klopman International

European leader in the production of workwear fabrics for over 50 years, with different business areas Workwear, Protectivewear, Corporatewear and Greenwear.



For 80 years now, we have been looking beyond fiber. With wood as our natural resource, Lenzing’s solutions are as inventive as they are effective when it comes to caring for our partners’ success, our planet’s protection and people’s needs in everyday life.


Linz Textil

Linz Textil is Europe´s leading manufacturer of yarn, fabrics and terry towels. We are a strong and reliable partner for the textile industry since 1938.



Marinho & Araújo produces raw and dyed fabrics for home textiles, clothing, automobiles and footwear. The company has the capacity to manufacture all types of fabrics and textures.


Predilnica Litija

Predilnica Litija is a cotton-type ring spinning mill with an extensive range of high-performance yarns from natural and man-made fibers for technical and home textiles.


TBM Group

TBM Group is a leading textile company focused on mainly natural fabrics. Production is entirely based in Italy and the company is renowned for its outstanding high quality fabrics.



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